About Sunflower
Sunflower Consulting and Services Company Ltd. is a Canadian invested company founded in 2005 with our base in Shanghai. Our goal is to provide the best IT consultations and services to the banking industry in China. Backed by our technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of our clients’ business, we offer highly customized consultation and services that are specifically tailored to our clients’ present and potential needs. We take pride in designing, formulating and deploying first-of-its-kind, first-in-China and first-in-the-world solutions that realize our clients’ visions. We help our clients to blend latest IT technology, innovative design and their business requirements, to build one-of-its-kind solutions that enhance their core competency and competitive edges. Through years of servicing our clients with all our hearts and proven results, we have become an integral part of our clients with high level of trust and respect.
Sunflower is a learning organization that proactively reflects, learns and enhances our technical knowledge, service methodology, consulting approach and management disciplines after each major project or milestone. We continuously challenge ourselves to change with the changes in our clients’ business needs and environment. We grow with our clients in every project to enhance our professional and technical experience. This is how our solid customer-focused team is forged.
IT Consulting and Services
Sunflower has no fixed form of service offering as we specialize in highly customized services that are closely aligned with our clients’ specific needs in specific time. We continuously assist our clients to materialize ideas into valuable results.
Success Reference
End-to-End Metro AA DR Solutions over Extended Distance
First Mainframe SOA Based Core Banking System
China-First Business Transaction Monitoring System
First-of-its-kind Application Architecture Restructuring
Batch Automation